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Dr Kazanjian
Dr. Janet D. Kazanjian, D.D.S.

Innovative Dentistry with a Highly Personal Touch

1635 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 665-1211

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If you ignore your teeth, they won't ignore you. Dr. Janet is regarded as one of the nation's leading dentists. She is lauded for her artistic skills in cosmetic dentistry, her gentle touch and her ability to diagnose and treat even the toughest cases. Her experience in the profession is virtually unmatched, as is her unbending commitment to providing excellent dental care for the entire family. Her focus is on providing excellent dental care in a relaxing and friendly environment.

The Klub Gymnastics
Klub Gymnastics, The

Gymnastics for children and adults! 

Edward Yonek 
1683 Blake Ave
Los Angeles , CA  90031

(323) 227-5582

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The Mission of The Klub Gymnastics is simple: To have all kids gain STRENGTH, enhance SELF-ESTEEM, and achieve SUCCESS! This is reached through positive motivation, encouragement, effort and fun! The Klub Gymnastics will bring out the best in your kids “one cartwheel at a time.” Voted best children's gymnastic program in Los Angeles.

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