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YAS Fitness Centers - Silverlake

The First Studio Dedicated to the Combination of YOGA and SPINNING

Kimberly Fowler, Alyssa Santos
1932 Hyperion Ave 
Los Angeles , CA  90027 

(323) 665-6011

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A hybrid fitness movement combining Yoga and indoor cycling, YAS is for people who value their health, fitness and time. A smart combination of cardio, strength training, stretching and alignment, YAS is a succinct and balanced solution to all your fitness needs. YAS offers immaculate and spacious studios, expert instructors, great music and precise routines. YAS is home to a great community of like-minded, people looking to take their fitness to the next level and inspiring us to be serious at making excellent fitness fun. The very first fitness program dedicated to the combination of Yoga and Spinning®, YAS Fitness Studios were created and founded in 2001 by Kimberly Fowler. Kimberly Fowler is a pioneer within the fitness industry. Her bestselling practical guide to yoga, The No OM Zone, published by Rodale, is available at all YAS Fitness Centers, as are her three workout DVDs (YOGA for ATHLETES®, The No OM Zone Yoga Workouts, Yoga + Weights Ripped DVD) and signature YAS yoga and sportswear line. Kimberly is an avid athlete and actively involved in the day-to-day operations of her company, including teaching and a regular in class.

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Gifts, home, kids, books, accessories 

Chiouyi Chang, owner; Toni, manager
1626 Silver Lake Blvd. 
Los Angeles , CA  90026 

(323) 660-4315

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“We seek to promote joyful living through thoughtful design and fresh creative products.” Yolk is an independent design store based in Silverlake Los Angeles that offers a cool collection of designer homeware, jewelry, accessories, gifts, toys and kids fashion from around the globe. We are known for our modern Scandinavian wares, individualistic kids fashion and our wide selection of artisan designer goods and locally produced wares. But really, we love best to be that friendly local neighborhood haunt where there's something for everyone and every gift comes beautifully wrapped. Our tagline Free Range Design reflects our quest for freedom of expression, individuality, artistry and sustainability and we hope you enjoy our carefully selected products as much as we do. For international customers, we are happy to provide worldwide shipping!

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